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Online portal


With the activation of the SPID (Public Digital Identity System) from October 2021 it will no longer be possible to use the old accreditation system.

Supported by Sportello Unico, the online casino works to manage all requests for benefits. The applicant will have full access to his own page by logging in to the online casino, from which he can see all requests and make new requests. However, you need to note that the online casino requires you to first read all the requirements related to the various contest notices.

Already registered users, who can still log in using their old credentials, receive a non-blocking warning that still allows access to login.

ACCESS METHOD: always from the usual page of the counter

With the new SPID (Public Digital Identity System) accreditation system, online casino profits have increased. Registered fastest withdrawal online casino australia 2022 users can still log in with their old credentials. You can learn about the ways to access the online casino with the regular counter page

Notes on operation:

  • on the page there is a red highlight for the old accredited (pre 2018). It is not possible for them to recover the old credentials but they can only access with SPID (however, the old data is recovered if present)
    Those who have been accredited from 2018 onwards can still enter with ESU credentials (without using the SPID), until October 2021, then it will be mandatory to use the SPID.
  • after entering the first time with SPID, the procedure verifies the completeness of the personal data. At the end it is necessary to log in again and applications for benefits can be submitted
  • when you log in with SPID, the procedure maintains access for a certain period of time, so if you click “Log in with SPID” you enter directly without requiring a user and password, it is for this reason. If you are using a shared computer, it is recommended that you close the browser or clear the cache.



The “Sportello Unico” is in operation for the management of all requests for benefits by the student. With the login (user and password) the applicant accesses his own page from which he has a unified view of all the benefits he has requested and can request. Please note that it is however mandatory to first read all the requirements related to the various competition notices that the Company publishes.




All users requesting the services must proceed with a new “LOGIN WITH SPID, CIE OR EIDAS”. It is NOT possible to register without having SPID.

PLEASE NOTE: for Italian minors and foreigners it is still possible to register using the procedure without SPID



After reading and accepting the Privacy Policy, the user must fill out the “Personal Data” page with the indication of the email address that will be used in all ESU communications.
After pressing “next”, if the user was previously accredited, on the following page they will find their residence / domicile data; if they are not present, their relative data will be loaded.
On the next page, the personal data of the “Recognition Document” must be entered and the digital version of the same must be uploaded.
On the last page, the user must choose their own access password. ESU cannot know this password; in case of loss, the procedure allows the recovery and regeneration of a new password.

The last page shows the access code that the user must use to proceed, from now on, to the new on-line counter. This code is also sent to the e-mail address indicated during registration.



At the time of first access, the user must correctly select their profile (type of user)

immagine login profilo esu

After selecting it, the button image changes and indicates the current profile.

The modification of the profile can be carried out but is not granted automatically, but only after validation by the ESU.

Depending on the user profile, the services that can actually be requested by the user are shown.

NB: It is necessary, every year, even for those who are already registered, to fill in the “User Profile” section for the A.Y. current.



Continue to fill in the various forms relating to the requested benefit and complete the application to send it to ESU.



ESU Card – ESU Card for the University;
Competition Housing Service;
Out of Competition Housing Service;
Accommodation Student ESU;
Regional Scholarship – Academy of Fine Arts and Conservatory of Music;
University Catering Service;
Extraordinary Subsidies;
Psychological Counseling Service (no need for accreditation);
Benefits for Handicapped Students;
Computer room;
Study rooms;
Orientation and Placement;
Public Transport Contribution;
Soon ESU Bike;
Sport and Culture.


Housing Service – Category: ERASMUS (Exchange Students);
Out of Competition Housing Service – Category: GUEST;
University Catering Service – Category: OTHER USERS.


ATTENTION: in case of incorrect compilation of the application for assigning the rate for access to the catering service, it is possible to request the reopening of the application by sending an email to indicating the Name and Surname, tax code of the applicant. modification.


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