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Transport facilities

This is an initiative aimed at students enrolled at the University of Verona, the Academy of Fine Arts and at the Conservatory of Verona, which provides for the payment of partial financial contributions in order to the costs of public transport passes.

ESU Verona is implementing the following action to encourage the use of public transport through an offer of a “Public Transport Bursary” that may be awarded to cover part of the costs incurred for the purchase of a subscription to urban public transport, as well as inter-city, suburban and integrated rail transport.

Benefits Management Office
Via dell’Artigliere, 9 – 37129 Verona
Tel. 045 8052812 |

MONDAY TO THURSDAY from 9:00 to 17:00
FRIDAYS from 9:00 to 13:00

Orientation and Placement

In agreement with the University of Verona, this service promotes the educational offer of the University of Verona in relation to future employment opportunities. Currently this department designs and organises work internships in Italy and abroad with institutions/organisations/professional practices, as well as work orientation days, business workshops, and seminars for the design of a new internship, in order to encourage and assist students and graduates entering the world of work.

Benefits Management Office
dell’Artigliere, 9 – 37129 Verona
Tel. 045

IT Laboratory

Via dell’Artigliere, 9 – 37129 Verona 

This service provides computers and programs for self-service activities such as writing dissertations, term papers, and conducting research, as may be useful to the activities of university students.

Students can connect to the internet, acquire texts using a scanner, and use the laser printers.

From 8.00 to 13.00

IT lab regulations | Download document

Study Room

Corte Maddalene, 5 – 37129 Verona

This service, available to all students, provides space to prepare for university exams, enabling you to make use of free time between one lecture and the next.

Freely accessible to all students who have a valid University ESU Card.

For guests of the residence, access is available with the badge provided.

HOURS | EVERY DAY (holidays included)
From 8:00 to 23:00

Meeting Room

Corte Maddalene, 5 – 37129 Verona

ESU Verona offers its Meeting Room, located on the ground floor of the Residence ‘Corte Maddalene n. 5,’ according to current regulations.

The room can be granted for use:

  • for District 1 of the municipality of Verona, in accordance with Art. 2 of the Agreement on the implementation of the implementation of the Urban Plan
  • for university Student Associations and university groups composed of at least 50 (fifty) regularly enrolled students at the University, with a reduction to a minimum of just 20 (twenty) if all are guests of the ESU Verona residences
  • for the Student Council of the Università degli Studi di Verona.

ESU Verona also reserves the right to use the meeting room for its own internal needs.

The business conducted there must be in compliance with the law, regulations and other statutes issued by ESU Verona.

In particular, with the exception of District 1 of the Municipality of Verona, the activities carried out by those reserving the room must be related to university studies.

The application to use the room, to be made using the form below, should be sent by e-mail, fax or hand delivery to the ESU Verona Benefits Office at least 5 (five) days prior to use, except for emergencies, which will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Application by post is not admissible.

Regulation Meeting Room | Download document
Download the form | Download document
Download the form | Download document (MS Word format)
Download the form | Download document (OpenOffice format)

URP (Public Relations Office)
Via dell’Artigliere, 9 – 37129 Verona
Tel. +390458052812 |

Extraordinary Bursaries

In accordance with Resolution No. 1267 / 20 April 1999 of the Veneto Regional Council, the extraordinary bursary is a form of assistance designed to remedy situations of particular, exceptional economic hardship, that might otherwise prevent continuing in the course of study chosen by the student.

The extraordinary bursary is presented as a single subsidy, payable only once during your studies.

Resolution of the Veneto Regional Council, no. 1267 of 20 April 1999 | Download document

For the method of provision of the application, contact:

Benefits Management Office
Via dell’Artigliere, 9 – 37129 Verona
Tel.+390458052812 |

From 9.00 to 13.00

Mental Health Assistance Services

The mental and psychological assistance service is freely offered support intended to help any person solve various kinds of problems, which we accomplish through dialogues with experienced psychologists. The service is free.

We can help with all issues related to:

  • The management of personal relationships: family, love relationships, partners, studies, or work
  • Defining your own personal identity
  • Self-assessment and orientation
  • Management of anxiety and stress
  • Methodologies for better learning
  • Other themes of interest

Dr. Laura Facchinetti
Please make an appointment by calling this number 3488980139 or send an e-mail to

The Mental Health Assistance Service is available at the ESU residence, “Corte Maddalene” in Corte Maddalene, 5 – 37129 Verona

Monday: from 9:30 to 12:30
Wednesday: from 9:30 to 12:30
Friday: from 9.30 to 11.30

Bike Loans

ESU Verona, as part of the development of sustainable transport, and to encourage the use of alternative means other than cars, provides a free bicycle borrowing service for students enrolled for the academic year 2018/2019 at the University of Academic Studies of Verona, the Academy of Fine Arts, and the Conservatory of Music.

Priority booking will be for students with a residential bed space for the academic year 2018/2019 at the ESU Student Residence and which are the only places parking is permitted.

If the number of applications should exceed the number of available bikes a list will be drawn up of the applying beneficiaries based on the date of application, with priority to students with a residential bed space.

The application, to be submitted after filling out the form on the ESU Verona website, will be considered valid only if the student is currently registered at the University of Verona in the Academy of Fine Arts or the Conservatory, and which must be presented in person at the Benefits Management Office – Benefits and Student Services.

The bicycles will be assigned at the time of submission of the application, while availability remains.


Criteria for the implementation of the service soon Bike (ENCLOSURE 1) | Download document
Application and Renewal Form | Download document

URP (Public Relations Office)
Via dell’Artigliere, 9 – 37129 Verona
Tel. +390458052812 |

Barrier-Free Architecture

In collaboration with the University Disability Center of the University of Verona we have implemented initiatives to remove obstacles for full inclusion within the university, such as assigning specially-equipped beds, and the issuance canteen badges for caregivers.

Benefits Management Office

Via dell’Artigliere, 9 – 37129 Verona
Tel. +390458052812 |
From 9:00 to 13:00


ESU Verona offers its athletic facilities to students in our residences; they are located at their respective student residences. The following locations are equipped:

Corte Maddalene Gym

Corte Maddalena, 5 – 37129 Verona

The gym facilities may only be used by students living in residences of ESU Verona, and those who are enrolled at the University of Verona, the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona, and the Conservatory of Music of Verona, in addition to holders of University ESU Cards, as well as employees of ESU Verona.

ESU Verona may at its own discretion admit to the use of the gym certain other individuals who are not among those listed above.

Access to the facilities is possible by submitting the application provided, pursuant to the regulations currently in effect.

The application must be accompanied by the following in order to be accepted:

  • a copy of a current medical certificate proving your health status is sufficient for sporting activity
  • a copy of your University ESU Card
  • a copy of the private agreement between ESU Verona and the applicant concerning the assignment of accommodation (not needed for ESU Verona staff)
  • a signed copy of these “Regulations for the use of ESU Verona gym facilities”

Gym Facility Regulations | Download document

Request Form for use of the gym “Corte Maddalene”.pdf | Download document

Application form for the use of the “Corte Maddalene” gym (docx) | Download document

Application form for the use of the “Corte Maddalene” gym (odt | Download document

From 10.00 to 23:00

URP (Public Relations Office)
Via dell’Artigliere, 9 – 37129 Verona
Tel. +390458052812 |

Part time Jobs

ESU Verona offers students the possibility of contributing to university life through “part time collaboration” in its offices (Benefits Office, PR Office, Computer Lab, Secretariat, other administrative offices).

NEW: The 150 hour contract is now… 200 hours!
Approved by new regulations on the forms of part-time collaboration work for students related to our corporate services (the so-called “150 Hour” contract): the new contracts will be for 200 hours, and the pay is increased from 1,200 Euros to 1,600 Euros.

The Decree of the C.D.A. Council. | Download document

More information is available by going to the website of the Università degli studi di Verona by clicking on the following link.


ESU Verona collaborates and supports projects and initiatives from university groups and associations.
Requests for member and subscriber based assistance from the Student Groups body require the following information: SURNAME, NAME, REGISTRATION, SIGNATURE

The UAE recognises student associations, groups or other university bodies such as valid partners in the implementation of the provisions of Art. 3 of L.R. 8/98 according to which it grants them contributions and other means of support including the free use of university facilities.

Criteria contribution associations.pdf | Download document
Form for submission of contribution required for projects and cultural activities, sports and leisure.doc | Download document

Contributions to associations, groups or other institutions involved in the implementation of activities pursuant to Article 3, LR 8/98 – Expense commitments 2014. | Director’s Decree No. 289 of 16/12/2014

Please note that Director’s Decree No. 124 of 15/06/2016 published the criteria for the granting of financial contributions for the implementation of initiatives in the sport sector, in accordance with Art. 3, paragraph 1, letter l) and Art. 29, paragraph 1, of Regional Law No. 8 of 7 April 1998, as well as Art. 3, paragraph 4, letter d) of Legislative Decree No. 68 of 29 March 2012.

For more information on the method of application for assistance, follow the instructions presented in Annex A of Decree 124/2016. | Download document

URP (Public Relations Office)
Via dell’Artigliere, 9 – 37129 Verona
Tel. +390458052812 |

Service evaluation Questionaire

Survey is always attentive to the needs of students, and will be using the results of available surveys as a tool to improve the quality of services and its institutional organisation.

ESU map

ESU MAP Download the ESU map in PDF format and in high resolution.